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 We promptly respond to partner requests, offer competitive purchase prices and prompt payment. We cooperate with different suppliers:
•    farmers;
•    small private farms;
•    large agricultural enterprises.
The quality department controls grain products at all stages of purchase and sale, from sampling from the supplier to storage and shipment.

The company has the necessary capacities for the continuous supply of crops. The sale of grain, oilseeds and legumes is carried out at elevators, by road or rail transport around the clock. Forwarding to the client's warehouse or to the place of loading onto a ship or into a railway car is possible.

Ee Bati Import Export Company is one of the largest Turkish companies. The company is a global trader, vegetable oils processor, and distributor of various agricultural commodities.

The vertically integrated business model of the company with a balanced value chain allows to control over all stages of the production process and maximizes the advantages of the geographical location of assets.

Our company offers an extensive line of vegetable oils and fats, that are used for the production of confectionery, various semi-finished products, as well as high quality bottled oils.

Ee Bati Import Export Company has an extensive logistics network.

Ee Bati Import Export Company cares about the welfare of the client, therefore we offer our customers package solutions, high quality products and services at competitive prices. The company has an extensive fleet of vehicles and a developed supply chain. We track every production cycle, every stage of delivery, every stage of negotiations. The high quality of our services is a priority in our work.

Ee Bati Import Export Company growth is built on sustainability and transparency/ We are motivated by strong belief that we can make a more meaningful impact even as we continue to advance our business and deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

Ee Bati Import Export Company is engaged in trading of grain crops such as wheat, soybean, rapeseed, sunflower, corn.
Grain trading is one of the company's priorities. The sale of cereals, legumes and oilseeds is carried out directly or through the leading participants in the grain trading market.