From Our Stock

EE WEST LTD. delivers steel products directly from our stock for our customers’ prompt shipment demands. We mostly keep HEA, HEB, IPN, IPE, UPN, Steel Plates, Steel Sheets, Angles, Flat Bars, Round Bars and Square Bars.

From Production

EE WEST LTD. supplies steel products from production to our customers. We can offer all types of steel products according to all well-known international norms. We have been supplying steel to international construction projects on regularly.




Container Shipment

EE WEST LTD. is well experienced with container shipments as we have been delivering steel products to our customers’ ports since our establishment. We prefer to offer by container in order to deliver our orders faster and to meet the demands with low quantity.

We use all types of container (20DC, 40DC, 45DC, Open Top, etc.) depending on the size of the demanded material. We have our own loading team to take care of the loading that can be located at any container port of Turkey. To secure the good of the business we always work with first class shipping lines.

Bulk Shipment

We use Bulk Shipments as well to serve our customers. We offer both full bulk cargo and partial cargo, depending on destination and quantity. We have been working with major ship agencies and ship owners to offer the best freight rate for the demanded destination.

Truck Shipment

EE WEST LTD. makes regular shipments by truck to its customers for fastest deliveries. Depending on the material we mostly deliver within 2 weeks to the address of our customer. We load from our stockyard and work with first class logistic companies of Turkey.

Railway Shipment

EE WEST LTD. uses railway transportation as well to deliver steel products. We mostly prefer Railway for short distance shipments. We can deliver to any international railway station.

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