We are suppliers of all types of carbon steel products and exporting to 35 countries located in different continents such as South America, Middle East, Africa and Europe. EE WEST LTD is the international face of our mother company EYUBOGLU A.S., which is one of the leading distributor and stockist of all kinds of steel products produced in Turkey.

EYUBOGLU A.S. has 30 years of solid background in Turkish domestic steel market, giving us the opportunity to supply all carbon steel product from Turkey. Besides Turkish origin, depending on the demand, we source steel from China, CIS countries and EU by means of our strong relations with international first class mills. In addition, we store about 4000-5000 mtons of steel products in our warehouse for our international and domestic shipments.

Our role has always been to find out the best possible options for international demands concerning the time, the quality and of course the price. We always serve with the knowledge of 3 cornerstones in steel; price, quality and delivery. In this respect, with our mother company EYUBOGLU A.S., our aim is to take our place in the first 100 exporters of Turkey in the near future.

We believe that, trust is a must in any shape of business and therefore, knowing that we feel obligated to offer best quality in our services. In the determined global aspect of steel industry, EE WEST LTD. has taken its place with the benefits of our well deserved experiences.

We are proud to be your dependable, straight forward and long term business partner in steel.

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