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Exporters’ Associations are professional establishments, which deal with all of the export activities at the export density regions and they affiliated to The Prime Ministry of Republic of Turkey Under Secretariat for Foreign Trade. Their basic aims can be summarized as;

Preserving professional moral and cooperation, increasing exports, verifying product items, ensuring competition power for the products, helping exporters and defending members’ benefits.



As one of Turkiye’s leading businessmen organizations, Business Life Cooperation Association (ISHAD) is founded by a group of prudent businessmen in Istanbul in 1993. A not to profit and non-governmental organization (NGO), ISHAD aims to develop commercial relations between Turkish and foreign businessmen. ISHAD currently has over 550 members who have commercial links with many countries.

ISHAD is the trustworthy representative of Turkiye both at home and abroad. Within 17 years, ISHAD has established fruitful relations with other businessmen organizations, chambers, unions and association all over the world.

ISHAD is playing a pioneer contributor role in the endeavor of Turkish business community to become an information society and to take part in the global market by offering concrete business benefits.

With the ever growing data base and strengthening international ties ISHAD has become a window of opportunities for Turkish and foreign businessmen targeting the global market and investment.

ISHAD provides the trusted and first-hand information for foreign investors in Turkiye and abroad.

As a core association, İŞHAD strives to contribute its member businessmen by

  • Breeding new business opportunities both in Turkiye and abroad.
  • Providing verified business experience of our international market network.
  • Guiding businessmen to enter untouched international markets.
  • Helping them match appropriate counterparts from prospective countries.
  • Encouraging them to make business in potential countries.